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Your Hosts at No.6 York Road, Bathurst, are Pat and Neville Lance. Prior to moving to Bathurst from Cape Town in 2018 we ran a similar operation at our home on the South Peninsula for approximately five years. 
After purchasing the utterly derelict house at No.6 York Road and refurbishing it we decided that our central position in Bathurst was simply too good not to share, and that our facilities were perfect for visitors to this beautiful Settler Village looking to simply relax and visit some of the many historical sites that this very special village has to offer.

As experienced 'overlanders' that have covered in excess of 220,000 kms on and off-road around Southern Africa over the past 15 years we are ideally placed to advise and help visitors plan their travel throughout the continent south of the Zambezi.

Both of us enjoy cooking, so for anyone opting for either the Bed/Breakfast or Dinner/Bed/Breakfast option, you can be assured of a reasonably good standard of cuisine accompanied by a relatively good tipple .............. all served as part of our "family table".

If your stay is on a 'bed only' basis, then there are a number of pretty good places in Bathurst which you can visit for a meal without having to resort to driving and having to worry about that one tipple too many.

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