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For the Beginner or Intermediate photographer looking for an opportunity to either learn, or do some revision on the basics of photography and camera use, Neville is offering either One, Two or Three Night Photostays at No.6 York Road which include the following:


  • A 60 - 90 minute summary/discussion each day regarding composition & camera usage (This will usually happen after breakfast, but in the case of a short one night stay will happen before the evening shoot) (See Subjects Covered Here)

  • A pre-breakfast and pre-dinner "Golden Hour" shoot covering either Landscapes, Historic Buildings, Village Scenes, Museum or Street Photography in and around Bathurst.

  • A Download and brief discussion of all pictures taken with a brief overview of Lightroom editing

  • Each participant will receive a Flash Drive containing the images they took during their stay


During your Photostay at No.6 York Road you can opt to take advantage of any of our Activitystay options during your 'free time', or stay an extra day or two to take advantage of the offerings - Please see below

During the Covid19 Pandemic Booking Facilities are not available - Go HERE to make enquiries and start planning your trip now

Activitystay Options

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