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If you’ve just bought yourself a DSLR (or mirrorless camera) and, after unpacking it, you feel intimidated by all the buttons and dials, and by the thickness of the manual, it can be very tempting to simply flick the camera onto ‘Auto’ and start taking pictures.  

That may be fine for some, but sooner or later you are going to crave the creative control that inspired you to purchase a DSLR in the first place - but where do you begin?

If you are at an intermediate level, and have had your camera for some time, and are not feeling as confident about your settings as you might want to be - well, it never hurts to literally start from scratch and reinforce all those instincts that you had but were every now and then unsure to act upon.

If you consider yourself a beginner who is unsure of how to make the most of your camera, then this Photostay is designed for you.........and similarly if you consider yourself at an intermediate level, but are a little unsure of this or that, then we are here for you. 

Your stay with us is intended to be a brief sojourn to help you take your camera off auto, and take control of your DSLR. 

I don't intend to try and replace your camera manual, so will not explain every last setting in great depth, but we will discuss enough of the basics to get you in control of your camera, and give you the key topics to go back to your manual to read.

The Steps we'll discuss for learning How to Use Your DSLR will include:

  1. Mastering Shooting modes (including priority modes and full manual)

  2. Understanding ISO

  3. Learning the ‘exposure triangle’

  4. Mastering Metering including exposure compensation

  5. Learning About Focusing

  6. Understanding file sizes and types

  7. Learning about White balance

Note to Mirrorless Camera Owners: almost everything we will discuss is relevant not only to DSLR owners but also mirrorless camera owners as well!

What is most important about the time spent with us during your Photostay is the "practical" side of the time you will spend with us - the time that you will spend out in the field mastering the various shooting modes, as opposed to simply learning (and then forgetting), the theory of everything. And that is the secret to making your time spent with us worthwhile. 

Also, we will spend time looking at some (if not all), of those pictures you take while with us, and while doing so, give you a very basic introduction to the workings of Lightroom and how it can help to enhance those images that you most like..............those images that we will then drop onto a flash drive for you to take away with you - and hopefully refer back to in the very near future when you are endeavoring to remember what you actually did to get that really good capture.

We really do look forward to having you and your buddy, your wife, your partner - whoever - come and spend some time with us and enjoy the process of turning you camera into a close and trusted friend.

Just go here and book your stay NOW!

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