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​This tour comprises a comprehensive circuit of all of Bathurst's Historical sites in the company of Bathurst Historical Society fundi David Forsdyke who will guide you through the list of sites below - this is a six hour tour with lunch at the famous Pig 'n Whistle Inn. All Entry fees are included - Lunch is not included:

  • Old Powder Magazine: This historic powder magazine carried 271kg gunpowder, 7 000 ball cartridges and 60 rifles, and played a vital part in the Settlers survival during their wars with the Xhosa. 

  • St.John's Anglican Church: This is the oldest unaltered Anglican Church in South Africa. The walls and Tower were begun in 1832 and built by the same Samuel Bradshaw who constructed Bradshaw's Mill in the village. After various interruption by the Xhosa wars the church was finally opened on January 1st 1838.T

  • The Toposcope Heritage Site: This site commemorates the 1820 settlers and their descendants. It is located on a particularly scenic hill with many landscape views. Plaques reflecting the names and ships of the parties arriving in the Eastern Cape in 1820 appear around the Toposcope. The plaques create a compass direction indicating the location of the various settler parties. 

  • Waters Meeting: Known as 'Horseshoe Bend' there is a viewpoint not far from the entrance to the reserve over the bend in the Kowie River, which flows through the reserve on to the Indian Ocean, where it has its river mouth at Port AlfredThe U-shape of the river is also where fresh water meet sea water, hence the reserve's name. 

  • The Agricultural Museum: The Agricultural Museum boasts an impressive display of machinery, transport and equipment used in the 1800's, allowing us a sneak peak into the past and giving us some insight into the agricultural heritage and history of Bathurst. Items dating back to the early British Settlers can be found and include collections of dairy farming items, household antiques and much more. As you stroll through the transport section you will be blown away with the collection of carts, buggys, ox-wagons, vintage tractors and of course the steam engine, which was used up to the 1930’s for pumping, sawing and driving threshing machinery.

  • Bradshaw's Mill: On the banks of the Bathurst River is perched the National Monument known as Bradshaw’s Mill. This mill was built by the British Settler, Samuel Bradshaw, in 1821, who intended to use it in the manufacture of blankets and kersey cloth. In fact, Bathurst became the hub of the wool industry in the mid-1820’s as a result. The mill was burnt down by Xhosa warriors in 1835, but rebuilt and renovated just a year later. Bradshaw’s was used as a grain mill until it became completely disused by the beginning of the 1900’s. Then, in 1964, it was bought by the Simon van der Stel Foundation, who restored it in 1981. Today, it is a beautiful reminder of this area’s roots and a fascinating element of the local heritage.

  • The Big Pineapple: The world's biggest pineapple, standing 16.5 m high with 3 stories is found at the entrance to Bathurst from Port Alfred. “The Big Pineapple” is constructed from a fibreglass outer skin covering a steel and concrete superstructure. The ground floor has a gift shop selling pineapple merchandise including jams and chutneys, locally made pottery and trinkets and t-shirts. The 1st floor offers tourist information and displays of the South African ‘Pineapple Story’. The 2nd floor has a continuous DVD presentation about the Eastern Cape pineapple industry and leads up to the observation deck which offers magnificent 360°views over the surrounding farm lands to the Indian Ocean

  • The Pig 'n Whistle Inn: This National Monument is situated right at the centre of the village. This Olde World Inn was established in January 1832, and became known as “Hartley’s Inn”. Several prominent settlers stayed at the Inn including Lord Charles Somerset. In World War II, the Inn was frequented by the air force men who were stationed at 43 Air School, close to Port Alfred. They nicknamed the pub “The Pig n Whistle” as traditionally this had been the name of the inns that served the air force in England. It remains the oldest continuously licensed Pub in South Africa.

ROOM RATE .................................................................R650.00 Per Night (Single supplement R300.00) Reducing to R450.00 Per Night from 3rd night onwards - and R350.00 Per Night from 8th night onwards

Dinner & Breakfast ......................................................R270.00 Per Person


This is a 6 hour Tour with lunch at the Famous Pig 'n Whistle Inn (All Entry Fees Included -

Lunch not included)

R750.00 for 1 Person

R550.00pp for 2 Persons

R450.00pp for 3 Persons

R400.00pp for 4 or Persons

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